Living on Love

  *Names and images are not actual to protect privacy

Today I want to tell you about not one, but two of our youth.

Jack and Mia (not their actual names) met when they lived in a group homes at the same residential facility, they grew to care about one another and began a relationship, However, they could not date one another while living in the same facility. They were each 19 and newly graduated from high school when they made the decision and plan to leave care. They wanted to build a life together.  When they packed their belongings and left their group homes they had a place to live and possible jobs.  

But there were many things they did not have. They did not have money or a car or drivers licenses, so they had to depend on other people to provide food, shelter and transportation. And by making a decision to leave care, even though they were young adults, they were considered runaways.

Being young and inexperienced made finding a job difficult so that didn’t happen quickly. Being considered a runaway left them fearful of what might happen when they applied for jobs. Not having drivers licenses or owning a car left them dependent on other people for transportation. Soon after leaving care the family member they moved in with relocated. This left Jack and Mia searching for a new place to live. And then they learned they were going to have a baby.

All of these circumstances began pouring over them and they were drowning.

With a baby on the way and no job they began to move from one relative’s home to another. They contacted Second Shift when they found themselves in a hotel. They needed emergency assistance to survive but they also needed help to get on their feet and plan to become independent.

Second Shift is working to give them a boost to get their heads above water.  We provided an emergency assistance to them in the form of gift cards to help them with their needs. We will be working to help them locate housing and reliable transportation.

Jack and Mia are young but are hard working and determined to create a good life for their family. They want to make their family strong and healthy. They just don’t have the resources to do that alone.  Love just isn’t enough. 

By Tammy Spence LMSW, CCTP Executive Director

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