Who We Are

Our Values


We believe that every human grows, thrives and heals in relationship. We seek to promote connectiveness, belonging and relationship as a source of healing and trust-based continued support.


We believe that every individual has a human right to actual and perceived safety; physical, emotional, psychological, moral, and social.


We believe that all persons are deserving of respect and unconditional positive regard. No matter what behaviors are presented, each person is human and deserving to be seen with a lens of hope.


We seek to see through an empathetic, compassionate and trauma-informed lens


We seek to embrace, learn from, honor and respect the diversity and dignity of all human people, regardless of any factor that differentiates us.


We seek to empower and promote the right and the power to choose and direct one’s own life and circumstances.

As an Organization…

Future focus

We believe that we are in constant movement towards an inevitable future. What we do now, in the present can and will affect the outcomes of tomorrow.


We desire to be open and accountable to all stakeholders.


We value every resource that come our way and are committed to be good stewards with each resource.


We seek to be contributors to and collaborative partners with the community


We believe that as we help and support each client we are changing the patterns of the past and presenting a hope for a new future, for individuals, families and communities.


We believe that advocacy, research and motivating others (stakeholders) toward change is the best way to help the youth and families that we serve.

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