Refer a Client

*The youth intake form and questionnaire can be obtained by emailing us at

Referral Process

Referrals can be made by anyone but must be signed and approved by the youth and their DHR worker if currently in the custody of the Department of Human Resources.

The agency/DHR referral process includes:

An initial application, requested and submitted by email to, signed by the referred youth. A phone interview between the referring agent and a designated representative of Second Shift.

Submission of the youth’s following documents (DHR referral):

  • Comprehensive Family Assessment (CFA)
  • Transitional plan
  • Current ISP
  • Most recent psychological exam (if applicable)

*Second Shift works in partnership with the youth to plan and prepare for independent life. It is necessary that the youth being referred not only know and understand Second Shift’s role in their transition but agree to it and invest in it.

Downloadable Resources

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