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*Names and images are not actual to protect the individuals represented  

Lacey (not her real name)  21 Is a likable, talkative and motivated young woman. She contacted Second Shift recently with the statement “I really really need help”. She informed us that she needs to obtain her driver’s license and has no one to help her. To obtain a driver’s license Lacey needs a licensed driver, a registered, insured car to use. Some time to drive to get the feel of the car and a ride to the license office to take the test.

This is a common need for former fosters. But if they don’t have someone they can turn to this simple milestone becomes an unreachable goal. To find and keep a job they often drive unlicensed. This results in numerous traffic tickets that they cannot afford and an inability to get insurance, The one simple need snowballs when there is no one to help. 

Lacey and her fiancé have one child and one on the way. Even with all of the struggles that are a part of having been in foster care and the issue of needing a driver’s license, Lacey has survived. She has managed to hold steady employment, pay her bills and work up to management at her place of employment and continue her education online. She is a conscientious parent and is intentional in her decisions regarding her children. She has a lot of strengths. 

Lacey is doing everything in her power to sustain independence. But, like most of our kids it is not quite enough without having obtained the skills she needed and being connected to a supportive caring adult. Without connections and someone to provide the help she needs she can not get her driver’s license or tackle any of the other things in life that we all need help to achieve.  Lacey has many other needs, but she is focused on this hurdle and requested help with only this need at this time. We hope to help her to achieve sustainable and connected independence so she has that support next time she needs help.

Lacey is a terrific young woman. She has goals, a plan to reach her goals and the drive to work the plan. She just “really really” needs a little help to stay on course… Like so many of the young people that Second shift serves. You can help us to help Lacey and others like her. 

By Tammy Spence LMSW, CCTP Executive Director

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