Foster Facts: Through No Fault of Their Own – Part 1

*This series will consist of a variety of basic facts about foster-care and aging-out to inform and give y’all an idea of where our kids have come from.

Foster children enter care, remain in care and age-out of care through no fault of their own.

They are removed from their homes for a variety of reasons. Those reasons are one or a combination of the following;

  • Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Abandonment
  • Parental Incarceration or Death
  • Or the inability of the parent to provide a safe environment.

*This last reason could be due to substance use, domestic violence, human trafficking or even a child’s truancy or behavior. In the case of a child’s behavior it often the result of early childhood trauma. In which case even behavior is not the fault of the child.  

More next time.

By Tammy Spence LMSW, CCTP Executive Director

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